Amro Hassanin

Group Technical & Production Planning Executive Director

Hassanin has an extensive 29+ years of professional experience in the steel industry.

Before joining Egyptian Steel in 2012, he held several positions in both local and international companies starting as a professor in the Faculty of Engineering of Suez Canal University, to working in the shipyard of the Suez Canal Authorities, joining the private sector with IEMCO for Lighting as the Production & Design Manager for the group, later he joined Kouta Steel Group in the 90’s and got promoted through his time in the company until he held the position of Vice-General Manager for the group in 1999-2004.

From 2004 till 2011 he was a partner in a Swiss company that has several branches in Egypt and Europe. He participated in several steel manufacturing projects such as the melt shop and rolling mills in Egypt, Jordan, Tunisia, India and Lebanon.

His role at Egyptian Steel is to monitor all operational aspects and assist in optimization and production planning for the group. He also has the R&D, HSE, IM, QA and certification under his responsibilities.