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Adel Labib & Abou Hashima Inaugurate the Development Project of Abo Saleh & El Gharkad Villages

11 November, 2014
The Governor of Beni Suef, Magdy El Betity and Ahmed Abou Hashima, CEO of Egyptian Steel, inaugurated the development projects of Abo Saleh & El Gharkad villages in Beni Suef Governorate.

As a part of its initiative that was launched in June to revamp 20 impoverished villages in Upper Egypt, Egyptian Steel embraced the development and improvement of Abo Saleh & El Gharkad villages through the revamping of 50 houses including roofing the houses, interior and exterior paints, installation of doors, windows, plumbing and internal electricity connections, supplying clean water and electricity in addition to providing poor families with100 heads of cattle, as well as an insurance policy of 400 pounds per month.
The governor Magdy El Betity praised the villages’development project which has been implemented in cooperation with Dar El Orman Association and he applauded the quality of the home finishing and  the accelerated performance in completing the project.
He emphasized his support for these kind of projects especially that President El Sisi stressed on the importance of the speedy development of the Egyptian neediest villages.