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Egyptian Steel Inaugurates Al Kherba Village

23 April, 2016
As a part of Egyptian Steel Group’s initiative to revamp the neediest villages in Upper Egypt” with the cooperation of Dar Al Orman association, Al Kherba is the 8th village to be revamped. Among the attendees where Minister of defense General Mr. Sedky Sobhi, the businessman Ahmed Abou Hashima, CEO of Egyptian Steel Group, Lieutenant General Osama Askar Commander of the unified area east of the Suez Canal, Dr. Ahmed Zaki Badr Minster of Local Development on the behalf of Eng. Sherif Ismail the Prime Minister, Major General Al Sayed Abd Al Fatah Harhor Governor of North Sinai, Major General Mohamed Raafat Al Desh commander of the Second Army, Major General Mohamed Al Zamalout The commander of the northern region, Major General Shawky Rashwan  head of head Sinai Development Authority, Major General Hamdy Badin CEO of  Fisheries Company, Major General Mamdouh Shaaban Vice Chairman of Dar Al Orman  Association inaugurated Al Kherba village in  North Sinai after its revamping which coincides with the celebration of Sinai Liberation day and this is 
Minister of Defense General Mr. Sedky Sobhi congratulated everybody on Sinai’s 34th liberation anniversary, praising on Mr. Ahmed Abou Hashima’s development initiative and urged all the businessmen to take him as a role model and to collaborate together to implement such useful projects, he also praised the efforts of the Armed Forces to develop Sinai and the fight the terrorism. The Minister of Defense said that he could’nt attend the village opening ceremony due to a sudden meeting with Mr. Abd Al Fattah El Sisi.
This development project included the revamping & furnishing of 100 houses, providing 50 development projects of goats and sheep for the poor families, helping 25 girls to get married, establishing a traditional handicraft workshop for the Bedouin outfits and distributing 2500 pieces of clothes.
The opening ceremony started with an inspection tour to the revamped houses and the traditional handicrafts workshop and the youth development club after revamping, Lieutenant General Osama Askar stated that the Armed Forces’ development project in Sinai whether the ones that have been executed or the ones that are currently under construction and according to the plan they allocated a budget of 13 billion pounds for them. The projects will also include the construction of housing units in El-Arish and the establishment of the new city of Rafah including the construction of 10 thousand houses and 400 Bedouin houses, the establishment of two desalination plants and 12 schools, including nine schools in Rafah and Sheikh Zuweid, and raise the efficiency of 10 first aid stations and the completion of the reclamation of 700 acres in Bir Abed and the creation of 26 developmentally complex.

“What is happening now is a message of pride to everyone for the development in Sinai whether through Egyptian Steel and Dar Al Orman initiative or through the Armed Forces efforts. Egypt’s Administration is doing its best to serve the people of Sinai” Said Ahmed Zaki Badr, Minster of Local Development
Major General Al Sayed Abd Al Fatah Harhor Governor of North Sinai stated the projects done in Sinai is embodiment of the partnership between all parties of the Society to contribute to provide services to citizens”, he pointed out that this year Egypt opens new projects on the occasion of Sinai liberation Day with a total amount of 600 million pounds. Other planned projects will follow and may cost up to 9 billion pounds financed by Arab funds stressing that the armed forces have succeeded in eliminating a lot of the terrorist outposts with the cooperation of the people of Sinai.
At the end of the ceremony, the Governor of North Sinai gave shields of honor to the businessman Mr. Ahmed Abou Hashima, Dr. Ahmed Zaki Badr, and the leaders of the armed forces. Sheikh Suleiman Elzamalut handed out honor trophies to the tribes and sheikhs of Bir Al-Abed in appreciation for their attendance.