Social Responsibility

Egyptian Steel Inaugurates the 7th Village in its Initiative of Developing the Neediest Villages in Upper Egypt

22 December, 2015
General Abd El Hamid El Hagan, the Governor of Qena Governorate, Mr. Mostfa Bakry Member of Parliament, Captain Akram Abd El Rahaman the Director of Long Live Egypt Fund “Tahya Misr”,General Mamdouh Shabaan the General Manager of Dar El Orman Association,  General  Khaled Khalaf Allah and Sahar Sedki members of the Parliament, General Mohamed Hosseiny Nagaa Hamadi Mayor and the businessman Mr. Ahmed Abou Hashima CEO of Egyptian Steel Group inaugurated Al Sheikh Ali’s Village in Qena Governorate.

They inspected the revamped houses, the development project of this village included the revamping of 50 houses fully furnished & equipped with electrical devices, providing poor families with 50 heads of cattle, as well as an insurance policy of 400 pounds per month. In addition, 500 pieces of winter clothes, and 500 blankets for 500 families and 10 wheelchairs for people with special needs have been distributed in this village, General Mamdouh Shabaan announced that 75 tons of meat will be distributed to all Qena’s villages during the coming week.

General Abd El Hamid El Hagan praised Egyptian Steel’s initiative confirming that we must take it as a role model to be enforced in all Upper Egypt’s villages. 

During the village opening ceremony, Mr. Ahmed Abou Hashima announced that the 8th village in the initiative which will be revamped is “Al Kharba” Beaar Al Abed” in North Sinai Governorate, during the celebration Mr. Ahmed affirmed that upper Egypt was neglected for more than 40 years and it will not be relieved in a twinkling but it requires concerted efforts of the state and the private sector, And we do not forget the role of charity institutions such as Dar Al Orman the Association the partner of Egyptian Steel Group in this initiative.

“I did not hesitate when the idea of going to Sinai is suggested in this challenging time, moving to Sinai is a must and it is national liability, helping people in Sinai is not less important than helping people in Upper Egypt and once we revamp Sinai’s village the initiative will get back to Upper Egypt’s villages because it’s still needs a lot of efforts” Said Mr. Ahmed Abou Hashima.

 After the village opening, Mr. Ahmed Abou Hashima, Mr. Mostfa Bakry, General Mamdouh Shabaan and Captain Akram visited an orphanage in Al Meana Village in Qena and they met 70 orphans and listened to their demands & needs and Mr. Ahmed has promised to meet those needs.