Social Responsibility

Egyptian Steel Initiative to Pay off the Debtors Debts

27 June, 2016
As we are keen at Egyptian Steel to serve the Egyptian people in need and drawing the smile on their faces,   Mr. Ahmed Abou Hashima, CEO of Egyptian Steel Group embraced  the initiative of paying off the debts of 68 debtors and giving each one of them an amount of EGP 3000 to spend the feast with their families.
"What I did is a national duty and it is a part of Egyptian Steel Group’s social responsibility plan which aims to serve the community where it is existed and to consolidate the role of businessmen in achieving their role towards our country” said Mr. Ahmed Abou Hashima and he thanked the President Abd Al Fatah Al Sisi for his initiative “Egypt without debtors”.
The General Hassan Al Sohagi, Assistant Minister of Interior for the sector Prison Service praised the efforts of Mr. Ahmed Abou Hashima in embracing this initiative affirming that this is the largest initiative of its kind that ever happened in the Egyptian prisons to liberate this large number of prisoners, and he added that the liberated prisoners was from 46 prisons the Least  indebted was EGP 2050 and the highest debt was EGP 70,000 pounds.
The debtors’ families have expressed their sincere appreciation to Mr. Ahmed Abou Hashima as he brought the joy and delight on their hearts stressing that Egypt will be always strong as long as we have businessmen like Mr. Ahmed Abou Hashima in our country.