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Egyptian Steel Launches “Investing in Egypt the Future” Advertising Campaign

22 January, 2015
After the successful advertising campaign “The New Egypt” that was launched in New York, Egyptian Steel Group launched a new Campaign in Davos under the name “Investing in Egypt the Future” in concurrence with  the “World Economic Forum” held in Davos, Switzerland .

Large signs declaring “Investing In Egypt the Future” are displayed on some buildings in Davos City where the world economic forum is held from 21
st  to 24th of  January 2015. The forum  brings 3000 top international business and political figures to promote “Egypt Economic Development Conference ” which will be held in Sharm El-Sheikh  from the 13th  to the 15th March. The signs are displayed in two main streets, “Davos Promenade” and “Talstrasse” on some of their buildings in addition to the bus stations of those two streets.

Additionally four types of brochures and giveaways featuring the logo of Egypt’s Economic Development Conference are being distributed with a message that briefly describes the future vision of the Egyptian Economy, and what would be provided for the new generation of investors in collaboration with the Ministry of International Cooperation.
Ms. Sally Salah El Din, Egyptian Steel’s Group Communications and PR Manager commented by saying:“We launched this campaign with the concurrence of the important economic event “World Economic Forum - 2015 which brings the top business and international political leaders to promote and encourage the investors to participate in “Egypt Economic Development Conference” that will be held in Sharm El-Sheikh soon. She added that the difference between the New York and Davos campaigns is that the first one had a generic message about a peaceful and secure Egypt along with highlighting the most important monuments and tourist attractions in Egypt, while Davos’ Campaign has a direct message to all the participants to invest in Egypt.