Social Responsibility

Egyptian Steel Sponsors the Deaf and Mute National Football Team

18 June, 2016
Egyptian Steel Group sponsored the deaf and mute national football team for men who are currently participating in the FIFA World Cup tournament which will be held in Naples, Italy, from June 19th to July 3rd .   

"Mr. Ahmed Abou Hashima is the only person supporting the deaf and mute national football team since 2012 until now. When the team won second place in the World Cup which was held in Turkey in 2012 Mr. Abou Hashima granted the team great rewards for their efforts and he continued his support for the team morally and financially through his participation in the team's exercises and the friendly matches and facilitated any financial obstacles facing their success," said Mr. Fouad Abd Al Hamid, the Technical Director of the team.

 He also confirmed that Mr. Ahmed Abou Hashima has promised the players during his participation in their exercises and the friendly match that was held two days prior to their travel that he will grant them great rewards in case they get the first place and that he will attend the final match if the team qualifies to this stage.

More than 16 national teams will participate in the World Cup for the deaf and mute national football tournament.