Social Responsibility

Egyptian Steel Starts the Revamping of Afouna Village in Al Behira Governorate

11 November, 2015
As a swift action from Egyptian Steel Group to tackle the crisis of Afouna’s Village in El Beheira Governorate that was completely flooded due to the bad weather that has dramatically hit the village recently, the group declared its solidarity to save this village by sending a convoy in cooperation with Dar Al Orman AssociationT the convoy included 1500 blankets, 700 pieces of clothing, and 250 food boxes (each box weighing 20 kg.).
Mr. Ahmed Abou Hashima instructed that Egyptian Steel Group coordinates immediately with Dar Al Orman to initiate the relief. 
This rescue and development project is a part of Egyptian Steel Group’s initiative to develop the neediest villages in Upper Egypt. 
The group will also revamp 50 houses with furniture and electric devices in addition to 55 houses that will be provided with furniture only. Poor families will be provided with 30 heads of cattle.  
The village development project will start once the local municipality of Al Beheira Governorate removes all remaining flooding and the project will take approximately 50 days .
On the other hand, Egyptian Steel’s initiative to develop the neediest villages in Upper Egypt that was launched back in June 2014  in collaboration with Al Orman association started the development project of Al Sheikh Ali’s village in Qenna Governorate, the development of this village will take approximately 2 months to be inaugurated end of December, 2015.
The initiative delivered 6 villages in Upper Egypt so far (Beni Suef, Sohag , Assiut and Al Menya).