Press Releases

Arouwad organization honored many prominent personalities in the public and private sectors, Mr .Ashraf Salman, the Minster of Investment, Mr. Ahmed Abou Hashima
Drawing a smile on the Egyptians’ faces is one of Egyptian Steel Group’s ultimate objectives therefore the group sponsored the attendance of 150 orphans of the brand new live entertainment show “Ice Age Live”.
Under the patronage of President Abd El Fatah Al Sisi, the UNIDO (United Nations Industrial Development Organization) recognized Mr. Ahmed Abou Hashima, CEO of Egyptian Steel Group, for his efforts in sustainable development as well as the green strategy under which Egyptian Steel operates
For the second consecutive year, Egyptian Steel Group was the official sponsor of the “Engineers Career Employment Fair”. This is a one of the most significant fairs in the field of the manufacturing sector employment which gives valuable job opportunities for engineering graduates.
Under the patronage of Egyptian Steel Group, the Orphans Football League was held in Sharm Al Sheikh from December 30th, 2015 to January 3rd, 2016
General Abd El Hamid El Hagan, the Governor of Qena Governorate, Mr. Mostfa Bakry Member of Parliament, Captain Akram Abd El Rahaman the Director of Long Live Egypt Fund “Tahya Misr”, General Mamdouh Shabaan the General Manager of Dar El Orman Association
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