Press Releases

Egyptian Steel Group participated in the Arab Steel Summit 2015 that was held in Sharm Al Sheikh from 9 -11 November. The group performed a presentation about the latest technologies that will be adopted in the group’s plants. 
Egyptian Steel is starting the revamping and development project in the 7th village “Al Sheikh Ali” in Qenna Governorate. 
Egyptian Steel signed an agreement with enterprise software company SAP to guide its expansion plans and support talent development.
Egyptian Steel Group sponsored the Egyptian inventor Ahmed Bahig, who won second place in the international scientific competition that took place at the University of Islamic Sciences in Malaysia.  
For the second consecutive year, Egyptian Steel Group was the official sponsor of Akhbar Al Youm Economic Conference that was held on October 14th & 15th.

The Former Grand Mufti of Egypt Dr. Ali Gomaa, Eng. Yasser Dessouky, Governor of Assiut, businessman Ahmed Abou Hashima, CEO of Egyptian Steel Group, Eng. Hossam Kabany, Chairman of  Dar El Orman Association , Artist Ahmed El Sakka
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