Press Release

Cooperation Protocol Between Egyptian Steel and Ministry of International Cooperation

24 January, 2017
In furtherance of supporting the initiative of revamping the neediest villages in Egypt that was embraced by Egyptian Steel Group, Dr.  Sahar Nasr, Minister of International Cooperation signed a cooperation protocol with Egyptian Steel Group and Dar Al Orman Association to support this initiative, which aims to revamp 40 villages all around Egypt as a first phase.
Dr. Sahar Nasr said “ the signing of this protocol is a part of the role of the Ministry of International Cooperation in supporting the sustainable development by providing all the requirements to improve the standard of living of citizens, especially at the most needy villages and this comes according to the directives of Mr. President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi, noting that the ministry is keen to respond to the needs of the development projects and programs, and provide all the necessary resources to implement successfully.
Dr. Sahar declared that this protocol is designed to support the development projects that contribute to poverty reduction through the initiative of revamping the neediest villages in Egypt which includes supporting the houses with needed buildings materials to cope with climate changes and funding small businesses and providing prosthetic devices for people with special needs.
She said that a joint committee of the Ministry of International Cooperation and those in charge of the initiative will be formed  to oversee the activities stressing that the ministry will support any development initiative aims to improve the standard of living of citizens.
Mr. Ahmed Abou Hashima said that “this protocol will add significant value to the initiative which growths since its launching in June 2014 and besides”, he added also that the initiative seeks to spread this thought in the private sector. 
 Mr. Abou Hashima declared during the event that the initiative will go for the second time to Sohag governorate (the 12th village in the initiative).