Press Release

Distribution of the Winning Groups’ Prizes in the QCC Competition

24 February, 2016
Egyptian Steel Group organized an event to distribute prizes to the winning groups in the QCC competition which is implemented in the group’s plants to reinforce the sense of belonging and competitiveness within the Group’s employees.
Mr. Ahmed Abou Hashima, CEO of Egyptian Steel Group distributed the prizes to the wining groups after the jury’s evaluation. The jury consisted of the vices presidents of all the groups’ departments; Finance, HR, Operations, Corporate Development and Supply Chain.
The submitted ideas in the competition included: -
- Work studies and calculations needed for the development of Quenching Process of line #02 to produce high quality and lowest cost rebars (size 16 mm 18 mm) by using billets 4sp/ps.
- Re-design and manufacturing the tail break machine to avoid frequent breakdowns and defects in the previous design,
- Design and manufacturing test unit for hydraulic parts and manufacturing of hydraulic scale removal unit,
- Re-use the scrapped diameter rings of existing rolls of stands No. 5 up to stand No. 14.
QCC is a small group of volunteer workers who meet regularly to identify, analyze and solve work-related problems and present solutions to improve the quality, increase production or solve operational problems. QCC was founded by the Japanese decades ago and it was developed.