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Egyptian Steel Cooperates with CEB -SHL Talent Measurement to Develop Employees’ Skills and Drive the Group’s Performance

15 February, 2016
Egyptian Steel Group signed a partnership agreement with CEB – SHL Talent Measurement Company to support Egyptian Steel’s assessment center which has been created to develop the technical and managerial skills of all employees using advanced and different methods to evaluate the personal skills and abilities of the employees.
Mr. Amr Al Hamalawy, Vice President for Corporate Services, signed the contract from Egyptian Steel Group’s side and Mr. Mohamed Farid, Executive Director has signed from CEB’s side.
“Egyptian Steel Group is always seeking the best of all aspects that contribute to the development and support of the human capital in the group, whether for the white or blue collar. The group's strategy is established on scientific foundations especially in development training in order to support the employee's capabilities and to appoint the employees’ potentials in the appropriate place that they deserve” Said Mr. Amr Essam, HR Group Director.
 “When we set out to implement the group’s employees’ assessment center we contracted leading companies to reach exceptional and prominent results for the employees’ capabilities. This is reached through the analysis and study of their personal abilities to put them in the right places and these advanced systems will reinforce transparency and justice among all the group’s employees” said Mr.Essam, adding that CEB- SHL Talent Measurement company is a best practice insight and technology company in the field of innovative solutions that drive corporates’ performance with leading organizations.