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Egyptian Steel Group Participates in Masr Bteshtaghal Conference

18 December, 2015
Under the Patronage of President Abd El Fatah Al Sisi, Egyptian Steel Group participated in “Masr Bteshtaghal” conference that was held in Sharm Al Sheikh.
The conference aimed to reinforce the value of work in the Egyptian culture, identify and confront the challenges that disturb the development of the Egyptian business force in order to achieve comprehensive and sustainable development of the nation.
Mr. Ashraf Salman, the Minster of Investment witnessed the signing of several cooperation protocols between “Eshtaghal” initiative and other various employment institutions.
During the two- day conference, several sessions were held that discussed the most important issues in the field of employment, such as funding small and medium enterprises to confront the unemployment dilemma. Mr. Salman also attended the launching of “Egypt 2030 with well performed labor” initiative.