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Egyptian Steel Group Signs Cooperation Contract with Shell to Supply Lubricants to the Beni Sueif Plant

09 December, 2015
Egyptian Steel Group signed a contract with Shell company to supply lubricants to the Beni Sueif plant that meets all requirements under the most intense operating conditions.

“Seeking the best of everything is our vision since we established Egyptian Steel Group. That’s why we did not hesitate to cooperate with Shell to supply lubricants to the Beni Sueif plant. Our cooperation is not considered as an agreement only but I consider it as an extended partnership -and this is our concept in dealing with large companies- which is very clear in the terms of the contract which include added value for follow-up, analysis and monitoring of the equipment operating and production performance” said Mr. Ahmed Abou Hashima.
Mr. Abou Hashima added that Beni Sueif plant will be a pioneer in the steel industry worldwide to use this latest ecofriendly technological solutions that save time and energy. These technologies represent a leading industrial development level in Middle East and definitely these technologies’ advantages will increase by using Shell’s high performance solutions and products.