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Egyptian Steel Participates in the Arab Steel Summit 2015

07 November, 2015
Egyptian Steel Group participated in the Arab Steel Summit 2015 that was held in Sharm Al Sheikh from 9 -11 November. The group performed a presentation about the latest technologies that will be adopted in the group’s plants.

The Arab Iron and Steel Union (AISU) organizes this summit on an annual basis to discuss the circumstances through which the steel industry is passing through in the Arab countries and globally as well.

Concurrently with the Arab Steel Summit 2015, the International Iron and Steel Exhibition 2015 was held. It is a solid platform for the steel industry players that keeps them posted of the industry updates and gives them the opportunity to exchange experiences and ideas in order to push the steel industry to the forefront.

International experts in the steel industry, officials and businessmen who work in this industry and those who are interested in this sector attended the summit.

A lot of important issues have been discussed over the two-day summit including the development strategies of Arab steel industry and its trends and opportunities, the impact of high oil and gas prices on the steel manufacturing and steel Arab markets regarding imports and exports, also they discussed the latest technologies adopted in this industry and several other issues were debated.

More than 30 working papers about the experts’ visions that were focused on supporting this strategic industry.