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Egyptian Steel Sponsors the Cairo University's Suhor

23 June, 2016
Under the patronage of Egyptian Steel Group, cairo University with coordination of How to Be youth group organized a suhor that was held in the university where more than 20 thousands students have participated in this marvelous event.
Mr. Ahmed Abou Hashima, CEO of Egyptian Steel Group, Mr. Gaber Nassar the president of Cairo university, the Politician Mr. Amr Moussa, the previous General Secretary of the Council of the League of Arab States, Dr. Mostafa Al Fekky, the Former Presidential Advisor, Dr. Adel Adawy the former Minister of  Health, Mr. Adel Zayed the Governor of Al Qalyubia, Akmal Kertam, a lot of of faculty members and university professors, journalists and artists, politicians and Parliament. Members attended this event.
Th Suhor  witnessed the presence of 11 bean cart and 5 cart of sausage and liver, and it included a ceremonial Ramadan Tanoura show  and popular games and a lot of the university's talents sang  and some religious singing.
 "The Young people are the fortune and the future and I hope that you to not targeting working in the government sector and to start your project and your dream stressing on that the younger generations are lucky  because the state really wants help them and you must take advantage of this opportunity" said Mr.Ahmed Abou Hashima.
" The dome of Cairo University  is always illuminated with light of  knowledge and today we meet toghether with this large number of students and professors under the dome of Cairo University " said Mr. Gaber Nassar, confirming that the President Abdel Fattah Sisi greetings you, and wished you  a beautiful Ramadan evening and told  you that  you are the hope of Egypt.