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Egyptian Steel Sponsors the Egyptian Inventor Ahmed Bahig

28 October, 2015
As part of Egyptian Steel Group’s belief in the value of supporting scientific researches and the development of youth, as well as empowering national projects which aim to boost the Egyptian economy, the group sponsored the Egyptian inventor Ahmed Bahig, who won second place in the international scientific competition that took place at the University of Islamic Sciences in Malaysia. 
Ahmed Bahig’s project is considered a new invention in the field of renewable energy and power generation through movement. He presented his project in the international scientific competition I-Inova15 that was organized by USIM University in Malaysia which was attended by global representatives in several scientific fields such as applied science, engineering, technology, health sciences, clinical, social sciences, applied arts, natural sciences and information technology.
Yasmine Yehia has also participated in the competition with a water purification and power generation project. Both of them have been awarded the silver medal and won second place in the competition.
Bahig’s project focused on generating inexpensive clean electricity without using non-renewable fuels by depending on the responses of strong magnetic repulsion to generate movement. When bipolar magnets from the same polarity meet, a repulsion occurs, resulting movement is converted to a circular motion that is used in generating electricity.