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Egyptian Steel Participates in the Inauguration Ceremony of the First Batch of the Youth Leaders Foundation

25 September, 2018
Egyptian Steel Group participated in the inauguration ceremony of the first batch of students chosen by Youth Leaders Foundation which has been sponsored by the group since the beginning of this year.

Mr. Ahmed Abu Hashima, CEO of Egyptian Steel Group said, “the current generation of young people has great opportunities to attain great achievements and create history for future generations”. “I am always happy to be among the talented youth who have leadership skills and great enthusiasm to developing their weaknesses” he added.

Abu Hashima also said: "The 7,000 young people in addition to the 50 who have been selected out of them have a chance to be like Ahmed Abu Hashima and even excel his achievements. The subject is not just talent, any talent needs development, or it just goes away. I am against what is being said now that the circumstances around this generation are difficult.

This generation has enormous potential and endless possibilities that was not available to us in the past; I started working in 1996 as a bank employee, and I couldn’t work in a bank. I resigned and decided to have my own business. During this period, I never forgot to hold myself accountable, and I am reviewing every day what I have benefited on this day and I am continuously looking for new ways to develop myself.

He continued "We are proud in Egyptian Steel to support the Youth Leaders Foundation as they target the investment in youth, and young people who will definitely benefit the country.

Ahmed Fathi, Executive Director of Youth Leaders Foundation said that we aim to reach young people who have leadership skills through a series of programs and tests provided to us by international renowned institutions, followed by extensive training programs that contributes to strengthen their weaknesses.

He had a dream 18 years ago to form a strong triangle of development with an arm for the government sector represented in the Supreme Council of Universities and the Chamber of Deputies, and the second arm is the private sector represented by Egyptian Steel Company and Egyptian Telecom Company WE, and the third arm is an institution that cares about youth and their development.

Fathi thanked Egyptian Steel Group for sponsoring the initiative by providing all means of funds and moral support in addition to contributing in the evaluation process of the students, pointing out that the coming period’s work will be qualifying these young people and supporting them with programs that are more capable of developing their leadership talent through international, renowned training providers. We plan to introduce them to the community to be leaders in different sectors and to benefit from their abilities as Egyptian youth who can participate in success and push the development forward.

Fathi explained that during the academic year 2018/2019, the Youth Leadership Foundation will have new tours in other Egyptian universities and in different governorates in Upper Egypt and Delta to search for new Egyptian youth leaders.

The event was organized by the Youth Leaders Foundation to announce the first class of young leaders which were selected from 7 Egyptian universities after testing more than 6858 students during the academic year 2017/2018.

Among the attendees were Ms. Nagla Noser, Head of Corporate Responsibility Sector at Telecom Egypt, Dr. Hossam Othman, Advisor to the Minister of Communications, Dr. Nazmi Abdul Hamid, Vice President of Ain Shams University for Community and Environmental Affairs, Amr Al Janayni, Head of Institutional Sector at Commercial International Bank, Karim Darwish Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the House of Representatives and Deputy Chairman of the Coalition of Support for Egypt, and Saif Zaher, the presenter of On sport channel.