Press Releases

The Installment of a New Rebars Production Line in Alexandria Plant

06 December, 2015
Egyptian Steel Group has successfully installed a new rebars production line in the Alexandria plant to be parallel to the existing wire rods production line.
Alexandria Plant was designed to produce wire rods in various sizes ranging from 5.5 mm to 12.0 and to produce 40 meters per second. The new rebars production line is designed to produce rebars in various sizes  ranging from 16.0mm to 32.0mm.
The engineering technical management decided to apply DRB (direct rolling and bundling) system to produce steel rebars bundles. This system enables cutting of the high tensile final commercial rebar length directly before the bundling process in order to reduce the production process costs.
The implementation of DRB technology will increase the annual production by 5% and reduce the electrical consumption by 10% without compromising the highest quality steel production.
These improvements decrease the transportation cost for the customers as they will be able to get wire rod and rebar products from the same place.