Press Release

Egyptian Steel Inaugurates the 9th Village in the Initiative of Developing the Neediest Villages in Upper Egypt

10 October, 2016
Mr. Ahmed Abou Hashima inaugurates the development and revamping project of “Ezzbet Al Nassrah” village in Al Menya Governorate, Federal Affairs and Local Development Dr. Ahmed Zaki BadrMinster, Minister of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs Dr.Mohamed Mokhtar Gomaa,  Minster of Planning Development Dr. Ashraf Al Arabi  , General Essam Bedewi Governor of Al Menya Governorate, Dr, Hassan Khalil on behalf of Sheikh Al-Azhar Dr. Ahmed Al Tayeb, the Father Dawod Nashed  Samalot Diocese agent
and the Colonel Akram Ali the Military Adviser of Al Menya Governorate attended the opening ceremony of this development project.

Ezzbet Al Nassarh is the 9th village in the initiative and this a part of Egyptian Steel’s initiative to revamp the neediest villages in Upper Egypt, this initiative targets 40 villages in sevral governorates in Egypt with total amount of EGP 120 million.

The development project included the revamping & furnishing of 51 houses, providing poor families with 50 heads of cattle, as well as an insurance policy of 400 pounds per month, helping 10 girls to get married, providing 10 wheelchairs for people with special needs in addition to financing 10 micro-enterprise projects.

This initiative was included Mahdy Al Akhram, Al Gharkad and Abo Saleh villages in Beni Suef Governorate, Al Sheikh Fadl in Al Menya Governorate,  Awlad Yehia’s village in Sohag Governorate, Al Nekhila village in Assiut Governorate, Al Sheikh Ali in Qenna Governorate, Al Kherba village in North Sinai in addition to 3 villages in Al Behira Governorate (Al Zohour, Meseda and Qetaa) that was flooded in the winter of 2016 where the initiative renovated the damaged houses were by installing and windows and supplying water and electricity to these houses.