Quality Assurance

Egyptian Steel Group is an emerging entity in the local and regional sector of steel making and steel rolling with the application of modern, state-of-the-art technologies aiming to work with core principles of employee safety, environmental integrity and superior product quality. The whole process route starting from top end of the process to downstream processing is equipped with latest and “Green” steel making and steel rolling technologies such as "Consteel" processing for steel making, "Endless Casting and Rolling" eliminating the need for a reheating furnace, automatic control of Cut-Length tolerances, automatic bundling and Tying, modern water treatment plant (WTP) with "Zero Liquid Discharge" technology... etc. where significant reduction in natural gas usage and CO2 emission is achieved.
Egyptian Steel Group confirm and validate its rebar and wire rod products quality with a robust Quality Management System. The steel specifications and mechanical properties are designed, engineered and homogenized to meet national and international standards. The dimensional, chemical and mechanical characteristics of raw materials, semi-finished and finished products, meeting standard requirements, are confirmed using modern analytical (fusion beading, X-ray spectrometry, chemical quantometer, microscopy) and mechanical (tensile, bending, fatigue) properties measuring techniques.
Furthermore, Egyptian Steel Group’s Quality Control is working very closely with prestigious local universities to develop commodity and new value added products through consultation, innovation and research & development projects.