Egyptian Steel

CEO Message

Ahmed Abou Hashima

At Egyptian Steel, sustainability is a big part of who we are and what we do, and we prove it every day. Since inception, we acquired and developed two rolling mills one in Port Said and the other is in Alexandria, both are fully operational and improving by the day.

Our continuous investments in human capital in addition to our ongoing research and development played a very important role in where we are today. During the previous couple of years, we planned and started the execution of two new national projects, “Beni Suef Plant” which is now operational and “Al Ain AL-Sokhna Plant” which will be operational in a short period of time. Pumping these huge investments took place during very hard times after the Egyptian Revolution.

When choosing the technology in both plants, we adopted the latest proven eco-friendly technologies that is bound to have the biggest production capacity using such technology in the world with significant electricity and gas saving rates. Yet these accomplishments are milestones in Egyptian Steel's path of adopting top notch eco-friendly technologies, sustainability and corporate responsibility.
Egyptian Steel aims to be a leader in eco-friendly Steel production in the MENA region. Reaching a production capacity of 2.3 million tons per year is part of our contribution to raising the benchmark of the steel industry. Henceforth becoming a leading player in the region while keeping an eye on Egypt’s prosperity through increasing the GDP, preserving natural resources and boosting the economy. 
Our goal is and will continue to be qualitative and sustainable growth. We intend to pursue this path actively and assertively in the coming years. We know that the challenges we face are not going to get any smaller. On the contrary, the competitive pressure is unrelenting.

Our Company continues to offer outstanding prospects because we stand for innovation, competitiveness and financial strength. This is another reason why I am convinced that your confidence in and support for  Egyptian Steel and its team will pay off. In every respect.