Safety & Environment

A Clean Environment for a Healthy Community…
Ecofriendly  Technologies at Egyptian Steel Plants

Egyptian Steel plants use the latest steel production technologies depending on constant charging of scrap in electric arc furnaces with no hatch opening, which secures the following:

Shortened time needed for melting
Saving exerted energy
Controlling bad influences on the environment
Limiting negative consequences on the national power grid

The company signed a contract with EnvironX Solutions, which is specialized in industrial environmental effects to supervise the installation of dust and smoke treatment units to maintain a clean environment at the factory.

Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Policy

Egyptian steel aims to reach the highest level of health, safety and environment standards applied in the top steel making companies worldwide , while improving the operation process as one of the leaders in the steel making industry and being a vital part of the Egyptian society. 

Health, Safety and Environment Principles and Commitments of Egyptian Steel:

• Comply with applicable legislations, regulations, standards and other requirements to which the Company subscribes.

• Reduce our environment, health, and safety risks to acceptable levels to ensure no injury to people, no damage to our environment, and no loss to our properties.

• Minimize the  negative impact of our  production process through effective air, water, soil, and waste emissions treatment and control. Adopt practices to ensure energy and resource conservation.

• Promote the best practices for incident prevention, pollution prevention, and asset integrity.

• Establish, measure, and review our HSE objectives periodically and continuously improve procedures, processes, services, and HSE performance through effective HSE management systems.

• Provide training and resources to our employees to ensure they have the necessary knowledge, skills and competencies to perform their tasks in a healthy, safe, and eco-friendly manner.

• Communicate this policy, relevant standards, procedures, and programs to our employees, customers, suppliers, other interested parties, and staff working for or on behalf of Egyptian Steel and ensure awareness of their individual HSE responsibilities.

• Egyptian Steel’s continuous improvement of health, safety, and environmental performance is an integral part of achieving business excellence.

• This policy shall be periodically reviewed to ensure its continuous suitability to the organization and its activities.