Companies and Plants

National Port Said Steel Company (NPSS)

National Port Said Steel established its first plant in 2000 with a designed capacity of 350,000 tons/yr steel rebar located in Port Said city. NPSS has also been granted the license to build its second plant in Al Ain Al Sokhna.

The plant uses the latest Danieli technology by rolling the billets to rebar through Endless Rolling. This technology is distinguished for saving time and energy in reheating billets, making it among the first plants in the world to apply this technology. Al Ain Al Sokhna plant has commenced operations in December 2017.

Port Said Plant:
Location Industrial Zone- Al Raswa- Port Said
Direct Labor 480 engineers, technicians, workers, and employees.
Area 40,000 sqm
Production Capacity 350,000 tons/yr steel Rebars



Al Ain Al Sokhna Plant:


Location Economic Zone - Suez Industrial Development Company Sector, Al Ain Al Sokhna, Suez
Total surface area 300,000 sqm
Direct Labor 700 engineers, technicians, workers, and employees.
Production Capacity 530,000 tons/yr steel Rebars - 830,000 tons/yr steel Billets