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Cairo University Hosts Ahmed Abou Hashima

04 April, 2016
Under the auspices of Cairo University President, Dr. Gaber Nassar, the university hosted Mr. Ahmed Abou Hashima in a symposium organized by “How to Be” youth group where an open discussion with the university’s students took place and Mr. Abou Hashima talked as a role model about his success story in the industrial field. The Deputy Minister of Youth and Sports, Mr. Ashraf Sobhy attended this symposium.
“Youth in Egypt need to have role models to encourage them to achieve their objectives. So we decided to arrange seminars that host the most important and successful youth role models in Egypt, we performed a questionnaire among the university’s students and we chose Mr. Ahmed Abou Hashima and Mr. Ashraf Sobhy to be the seminars’ guests”, said Shehab Gmal, “How to Be Group” Coordinator. 
Dr. Gaber Nassar welcomed the symposium’s guests in his office and discussed with Mr. Ahmed Abou Hashima the means of cooperation to develop the Faculty of Science laboratories and Mr. Abou Hashima affirmed on the importance of developing these labs to support the Egyptian industry and become the owners of the ideas and their implementation to limit importing of technologies and development mechanics.
Mr. Ahmed added that he will delegate a group from Egyptian Steel Group to discuss this matter with the university’s personnel and to enhance the cooperation between Egyptian Steel and Cairo University laboratories which specialize in the metallurgical industry, particularly in the iron and steel sector in order to put this industry in the lead.
More than 2500 students attended the symposium which was held in the Historical Conference Hall. Mr. Gaber Nassar affirmed during his speech that Mr. Ahmed Abou Hashima is an ideal Egyptian role model who achieved a lot of success.
“It gives me honor to attend a symposium in one of the most prestigious universities worldwide. The Egyptian youth are the real treasure of Egypt, I always dream that Egypt becomes better, I dreamed of becoming a successful person and I had the persistence and god’s blessings. You are a lucky generation; you are supported by the President, Mr. Abd Al Fatah Al Sisi which was not valid for my generation or any other previous one. You must take advantage of this support as Mr. Al Sisi declared that 2016 is the year of the youth. He provided loans with amount of EGP 200 billion to small, micro and medium enterprises. The opportunity is now obtainable to the youth to participate in the development and construction of Egypt. Take advantage of the President’s promise until we reach the strategic plan for Egypt 2030", Said Mr. Ahmed Abou Hashima.
“How to be” is a group of Egyptian youth from public and private universities who initiate the idea of organizing seminars for university students and they host successful youth role models in the community.