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Ain Shams University Hosts Ahmed Abou Hashima

05 May, 2016
After the great success of Cairo University symposium that was attended by Mr. Ahmed Abou Hashima, “How to Be” group decided to arrange another symposium in Ain Shams University where can open discussion with the university students was held at the university’s conference hall.

The symposium also hosted the international football player Ahmed Hassan, Dr. Abd Al Wahab Ezzat the Vice President for Community Service and Environmental Development and Acting President of the University, deans and more than 1500 students attended this symposium.
Mr. Abou Hashima talked about his success story and encouraged the youth to start their own business, “You are a lucky generation; you are supported by the President, Mr. Abd Al Fatah Al Sisi which was not valid for my generation or any other previous one. You must take advantage of this support as Mr. Al Sisi declared that 2016 is the year of the youth. He provided loans with amount of EGP 200 billion to small, micro and medium enterprises” Said Mr. Ahmed Abou Hashima.
He also added that during his meeting with the Minister of Investment; she assured him that they had instructions from the President to help and support the youth and to take advantage of the Central Bank's loans initiative to support youth projects, stressing that in case of any impediments the ministry will do its best to solve these obstructions.
He also talked about Egyptian Steel’s success story and the difficulties of the economic and political conditions which the group faced adding that it was a calculated risk. 
“Of the happiest days of my life when I inaugurate a village of Egyptian Steel Group’s initiative to develop the neediest villages in Egypt especially the village of Al Kherba in North Sinai Governorate. I was happy when I saw the correlation between the Armed Forces, and the people of Sinai, people there live below the appropriate level of a decent life and this is not acceptable because their dignity is our dignity, and of course I would like to thank the Minster of Defense for his call during the opening ceremony, where we announced that the initiative will move to Halayeb governorate to emphasize the message that “Halayeb is purely Egyptian”.
Mr. Abou Hashima pointed out that Egypt has 5000 poor villages, and the government and the President of course will not be able to revamp them. “I would like to thank the people who welcomed us there, and I hope that all businessmen cooperate with us to reinforce the initiative of revamping the neediest village in Egypt and if we work together we will deliver 5000 revamped villages within 3 years” said Mr. Abou Hashima.
He promised to honor and give rewards to the special needs Bell Ball team at Ain Shams University for their achievements over the past period and at the same time to provide any support to them during the upcoming period.
At the symposium a documentary about Mr. Ahmed Abou Hashima’s success story was displayed, Dr. Abd Al Wahab Ezzat the Vice President for Community Services and Environmental Development and the acting president of the university gave the University Shield to Mr. Abou Hashima, also “How to Be” group gave him an honorary shield.