Social Responsibility

Al Fayoum University Honors Mr. Ahmed Abou Hashima

15 April, 2015
On behalf of Al Fayoum University, the President of the University - Dr. Khaled Hamza awarded Mr. Ahmed Abou Hashima, the CEO of Egyptian Steel the University’s recognition trophy for being chosen as one of the distinguished CEOs in Africa from the CEO Africa Forum.

Additionally the University organized a visit for Mr. Ahmed to inspect and discuss new ways of cooperation between the university and businessmen in various sectors.

They also discussed some of the important issues that links universities to the economic and industrial institutions. Amongst these issues was the importance of the scientific research and technical education and how to build a world class performing calibers to support the industry advancement.

They also spoke about the importance of having high performance laboratories in the faculties of engineering and computer science and its important role in developing the students’ mentalities and scientific thinking.

Additionally, an open discussion was held between the students and Mr. Abou Hashima featuring his success story in the Steel Industry and the importance of entrepreneurship in our society. He pointed out that waiting for Government employment should not be their main goal instead, they should rise up and dig for opportunities in a country that is full of great ones.