Awards & Recognition

Dar Al Iftaa Recognizes Ahmed Abou Hashima for his Support in Positioning the Moderate Islam in Africa

18 September, 2014
Dar al-Iftaa issued a thank you letter addressed to the businessman Ahmed Abou Hashima the CEO of Egyptian Steel Group signed by Dr. Shawky Ibrahim Allam, Arab Republic of Egypt's Mufti mentioning the following: “Egyptian Steel Group, thank you for your valuable efforts for our nation and serving the country in the best possible way. Special thanks for supporting our mission in Africa which made possible the traveling of four of our experts and Sheikhs from Dar Al Iftaa to several African countries in order to spread the teachings of "Moderate Islam".
This campaign started on September 7th and will be completed on September 19th, 2014  in the following African countries " Nigeria - Cote d'Ivoire, Senegal," in coordination with the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Egyptian embassies in these countries.