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Egypt CSR Day Honors Egyptian Steel for its Effective Social Responsibility Role

02 January, 2014
Egypt CSR Day conference honors Egyptian Steel for its effective social responsibility role and the implemented company projects that contributed to the society’s development and entrenched the principle of social responsibility in the private sector.
The honoring highlights the roles played by the group in the field of social responsibility and its plan to help in eradicating poverty, ignorance and diseases.
Egyptian Steel succeeded in executing the project of supplying 1000 houses with clean water in Al-Nazla village, Youssef Al-Seddiq province in coordination with Omaar El Ard Institution.
This village was ranked in reports of the World Bank as the poorest and most infected with renal failure due to contaminated water.
Abou Hashima the Group CEO declared that the company has donated 20,000 tons of steel at cost to support youth housing projects in coordination with the Ministry of Housing and related authorities. The initiative will continue on an annual basis over a 5-year period, totaling to 100,000 tons.
Also the group participates in honoring the top Thanawia Amma students and the Egyptian champions who won various medals in the Paralympics.
On the other hand, Egyptian Steel will organize training courses for professionals in the steel industry through vocational training centers that will be established beside Beni Sueif and Al Ain El Sukhna plants. These centers will provide all learning tools to develop their skills and their technical capabilities and there will be college scholarships in the field of mechanical engineering for 5 years.
And finally, Egyptian Steel has distributed 20,000 blankets in coordination with Misr El Kheir Institution in several provinces, including Alexandria, Port Said and Beni Suef and Al Gharbeya during the extremely cold winter that struck Egypt in 2013.