Awards & Recognitions

Egyptian Steel is One of the Top 100 Companies on a Global Scale

09 October, 2016
Egyptian Steel was chosen as one of the top 100 companies on a global scale in 2015 by World Finance 100 Magazine. Egyptian Steel has gone on to make waves in the Egyptian steel industry since inception.

The company has also succeeded in setting itself apart from the competition, with a focus on eco-friendly technologies and an unerring commitment to the conservation of resources.
The report added that the industry sector award was presented to 4 industrial institutions from 3 countries namely America, Australia and Egypt, specialized in the fields of Textiles, Software, Pharmaceuticals and Steel.
The World Finance 100 - issued in the U.K. since 2009 - celebrates those who have reached the pinnacle of achievement across a wide variety of fields of expertise (such as energy, banking, industry, media, real estate, information technology, transportation), as well as those organizations and individuals that lead the way in driving their industries forward. Each year World Finance compiles the list of 100 individuals and companies purely on excellence in their field.

The list presents the new business elite, made up of those whose vision and enterprise shapes the conceptual landscape of finance, business and technology.