Awards & Recognitions

Euro-Arab Environment Organization Awards Ahmed Abou Hashima

26 November, 2015
Euro-Arab Environment Organization awarded Ahmed Abou Hashima, CEO of Egyptian Steel Group, the organization’s shield for his excellence in compliance with the environmental standards by using ecofriendly technologies in the group’s plants.
The organization leaders discussed with Mr. Abou Hashima the means of cooperation between the organization and Egyptian Steel Group. Mr. Tarek Abied Secretary General said that the organization aims to enhance the environment and sustainable development in the Arab world and works on facilitating cooperation and exchange of expertise between the Arab world and Europe. 
He praised the group as an honorable model in using the latest technologies in its plants. He also pointed out that by using the green color as its corporate color, Egyptian Steel Group, they have created a trend in the steel industry whose companies usually preferred using iron ore shades of black as their corporate color.
Mr. Ahmed Abou Hashima stated that the group’s plants use the latest ecofriendly technologies adding that the group contracted with Inferonx, which is specialized in industrial environmental effects to supervise the installation of dust and smoke treatment units to maintain a clean environment at the plants despite the high cost of this project which exceeded EGP 200 million.