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European CEO Magazine Announces Ahmed Abou Hashima as Best CEO in the Steel Industry

13 September, 2015
The economic magazine “European CEO” selected businessman Ahmed Abou Hashima – CEO of Egyptian Steel Group for the Best CEO in the Steel Industry Award on a global level.
The magazine pointed out that Ahmed Abou Hashima was chosen by a dedicated selection panel, based on product, functional, strategic, and managerial innovation, clear business vision, the candidate’s performance including applying sustainability and growth strategies, corporate governance and resource management, in addition to a voting poll conducted by the magazine, which is a leading subscription-based print and online publication in Europe. 
The magazine grants awards in the economic and the investment fields since 2012, among the fields which the magazine nominates the winning CEOs, industry, business and investments, commerce, construction, and operational services which include health insurance, education, employment services and travel services, aviation and hotels in addition to technology, finance, banking, investment, banking marketing sectors.

The winning CEOs in these sectors were chosen from Asia, Australia, Latin America and the Caribbean, North America, Africa, the Middle East, Western and Eastern Europe
 European CEO Awards aim to encourage investors, civil society, governments, the privileged in the infrastructure projects and companies registered in the list of Fortune 500 that create investment opportunities across the world. It also sheds light on the most important figures in various areas of business and their contributions and outstanding roles.
Ahmed Abou Hashima is the first Egyptian businessman to win this award for his excellence in management and his efforts for Egyptian Steel which has become in a short time a  successful and prominent role model  in Egypt and the Arab world.