Awards & Recognition

“ITP” and “Arabian Business” award Abou Hashima the Middle East Young CEO Award among 16 Arab figures

13 September, 2013
Arabian Business has finished selecting the Middle East and Arab top 16 figures in business and top corporate companies' management to award them the annual CEO Awards, from amongst a list of 982 figures from all over the Arab world.
Arabian Business selected businessman Ahmed Abou Hashima, Chairman of Egyptian Steel, as the youngest CEO in the Middle East and Arab world, under the age of 40. Tarek Rakha, Vice Chairman of Egyptian Steel, received the award on his behalf. The executive presenting the award stated that Abou Hashima’s name shined over the last two years while he was not more than 38 years old. He challenged the hard conditions that his country passed through including political unrest and economic crisis so as to establish a new investment in the heavy industries filed. He is the first Egyptian to win this award since it started.