Production Process

Egyptian Steel’s Operational Excellence: Egyptian Steel Group is an emerging entity in the local, regional, middle eastern and international sectors of Steelmaking and Steel Rolling with the application of proven modern, state-of-the-art technologies at Beni Suef and Al Sokhna sites.

This is in addition to the rolling of rebar and wire rods at two existing and running plants at Alexandria and Port Said sites. The implementation of non-conventional, modern process technologies aims to work with core principles of employee safety, environmental integrity and superior product quality.

The whole process route starting from top end of the process of steelmaking / casting to downstream processing of rebar bundling and dispatch is equipped with latest and “GREEN” technologies.

It includes CONSTEEL processing for steelmaking, ENDLESS casting and INTEGRATED rolling with no use of Reheating furnace (hence significant reduction in natural gas usage and CO2 emission), automatic control of Cut-ToLength tolerances of rolled rebars, auto bundling and tying of rolled rebars, modern water treatment plant etc.

Egyptian Steel is capable of producing square billets of 130mm×130mm and 165mm×165mm configurations using steelmaking / casting route of Consteel Melting + Electric Arc Furnace + Ladle Refining + Continuous Casting.

At Beni Suef & Al Sokhna plants, bigger size billets (165mm×165mm) are directly rolled into different configurations of rebar without reheating furnace and smaller size billets (130mm×130mm) are rolled into rebar and wire rod products of different configurations at Egyptian Steel plants of Port Said and Alexandria sites. Billets may also be exported to international customers (as required). 

Within two hours, scrap is transformed into rebar. Egyptian Steel factories use technology to transform scrap into rebar by: