Quality Assurance

Product Development & Product Delivery Using Robust Quality Management System:
Egyptian Steel Company confirms and validate quality of its semi-finished products (billets) and finished products (rebar and wire rod) with a robust Quality Management System (QMS). The steel specifications and mechanical properties are designed and homogenized to meet national and international standards. The dimensional, chemical and mechanical characteristics of raw materials, semi-finished and finished products, meeting international standard requirements, are analyzed and measured.  The validation of the properties is carried out routinely using modern analytical techniques such as fusion beading, X-ray spectrometry, chemical quantometry, microscopy and mechanical such as tensile, bending, fatigue, hardness measuring techniques.
Furthermore, Egyptian Steel Group’s Quality Control Department is working very closely with prestigious local universities, measuring centers and international consultants of structural industry, to develop commodity and new value added products through consultation, innovation and research & development projects. Its highly competent and experienced technical team have developed and homogenized number of steel grades, produced in recent months, and the company is constantly extending its product range in terms of steel grades and applications.
Egyptian Steel is capable of manufacturing number of steel grades as per customer-specific requirements and as per technical limitations fixed by different international standards. Egyptian Steel range of products covers low Carbon to medium to high Carbon steel grades both for wire rods and rebar applications, where along with excellent mechanical properties, several technical property requirements such as weldability, bendability, fatigue etc. are fulfilled.